I keep dying everyday in the hope that tomorrow I will be completely alive ,

I see truly dead ruling the roost when I march forward in the spirit of life .
As the willpower of my willpower keeps getting stretched ,

I wonder whether dying everyday was just the beginning of death .
I ponder whether the ones who see me bleeding truly see the crucifixion .

Do they just remain nonchalant in their haze of their cluttered beings ?


Do they bleed with me , for isn’t profoundness of being one for the entire humanity ?

Do they at least feel for if not feel with ?


Do they not remember the same very long forgotten values that they once eulogized ?


We are one , we were one , yet you broke away too far !


Will you not return to truly caress what indeed was your genesis ?


Will you not , will you not ?


┬ęKshitij Bader


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